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 When you look at the most successful people in your industry, what do they all have in common?

Here’s a hint...they have a COACH!

 It doesn’t matter what business you are in, having a coach helps you hone in on your target and consistently achieve better results. 

But you can’t simply focus on one aspect of your life and expect happiness, balance, and success.  It takes a well-rounded body, mind, and spirit approach to radically up level your life.

Start living your dream life.

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 A dedicated time each week for someone to listen intently to you?

 A group of peers holding the vision of your dreams and goals coming true with you?

 Laid out action steps and the accountability necessary to achieve your highest aspirations?

 A relationship geared toward YOUR growth and YOUR success?

Individual High Performance Coaching

High Performance may immediately make you think of your income and career; but Maria brings a holistic approach to success that includes the personal, health, and business aspects of our lives, which ultimately make our lives feel joyful and harmonious or...not.

Maria has coached hundreds of clients to identify their purpose and follow their passion; whether it looks like creating children's books, becoming a spiritual healer, ramping up an existing business, or bouncing back after a traumatic divorce to become a sovereign 6-figure earner.  Maria will help you pull back the layers to really see what's holding you back, and guide you in busting through those barriers, as you build the life of your dreams.

If you are hungry for radical change in your life, but need some direction, guidance, or support, Maria’s Individual High Performance Coaching is the golden pathway you’ve been searching for.

How it Works:

First:  It’s all about you. Maria will get to know you through a free assessment during which she asks questions to understand who you are, what your challenges and goals are, and what you’re wanting to create for the next chapter of your life. 

Next:  Together you will decide the next best steps for our personal coaching experience. You may decide that one-on-one coaching is right for you, or that Group Coaching better fits your specific needs; you determine what suits your needs with weekly or bi-weekly hour-long sessions.

Your Next Best Step:  Book your first session!  It’s your time, and you are ready.

You’re in good hands! Maria has been training for this role her whole life. She masterfully implements the following trainings, plus her own life experience, to help each of her unique clients:

Certified High Performance Coach™

Certified Law of Attraction Coach by the Quantum Success Academy

Certified DISC Instructor by the John Maxwell Team

Desire Factor Coach

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Semi-Private Coaching

Maria also mentors small groups of individuals seeking to gain the changes through High Performance Coaching.  

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Testimonials from Maria's Clients


Maria has a wonderful ability to assist people in uncovering their true talents and enabling her clients to integrate their individual talents into blossoming and thriving careers and fulfilling lives.

Bethany Sharifi

If you are interested in becoming the best person you can be, both professionally and personally, I highly recommend you hire Maria to be your coach. She is ‘the wind beneath your wings’ as you fly to become a multimillion-dollar producer in whatever career you are passionate about doing.”
John Campbell

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maria Bradfield -- my coach and mentor, and someone I’m proud to call my friend. As a new agent, I was absolutely terrified when she began coaching me. I had no confidence in my ability to become a successful real estate professional. But Maria changed all that. I quickly learned that she is a constant, always-available source of education, encouragement and support. She has such depth of experience, that there is never a question she can’t answer or an issue she can’t solve. Her patience, integrity, availability and knowledge have helped make me a success. Thanks to her, I am confident in my strengths and the differentiating factors that I bring to the table. I highly recommend Maria Bradfield as a coach. She is truly the real estate professional’s professional.
Lori Halleck

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