“Maria has a wonderful ability to assist people in uncovering their true talents and enabling her clients to integrate their individual talents into blossoming and thriving careers and fulfilling lives.”

– Bethany Sharifi

“Maria believed in my success way before I did. With her coaching methods, she helps me to visualize my success, stay focused and achieve my goals. I am very grateful for all that she has done for me.”

– Xoel Pamos

“If you are interested in becoming the best person you can be, both professionally and personally, I highly recommend you hire Maria to be your coach. She is ‘the wind beneath your wings’ as you fly to become a multimillion-dollar producer in whatever career you are passionate about doing.”

– John Campbell


“As a new Real Estate agent, I could not have asked for someone better to guide and assist me in getting my new real estate career off to a start. I know I would not have the business I have today had I not made Maria a part of my team!”

– Jerry Green

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maria Bradfield -- my coach and mentor, and someone I’m proud to call my friend. As a new agent, I was absolutely terrified when she began coaching me. I had no confidence in my ability to become a successful real estate professional. But Maria changed all that. I quickly learned that she is a constant, always-available source of education, encouragement and support. She has such depth of experience, that there is never a question she can’t answer or an issue she can’t solve. Her patience, integrity, availability and knowledge have helped make me a success. Thanks to her, I am confident in my strengths and the differentiating factors that I bring to the table. I highly recommend Maria Bradfield as a coach. She is truly the real estate professional’s professional.

– Lori Halleck

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