What Is Your Pot of Gold

Mar 08, 2021

Have you ever looked at the colors of a beautiful rainbow and wondered what is at the end of the rainbow? There is something quite magical, mystical and beautiful when we see a rainbow from afar, and of, course as we gazed at the rainbow we wondered if we could find the POT OF GOLD as I know we have all heard the tales of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The most well-known story of the pot of gold is of the poor Irish farmer and his wife. When they pulled up their last carrot from the ground, attached to the roots was the little Leprechaun.  The captured leprechaun offered them one wish in exchange for his freedom.  The couple could not decide on one thing and started wishing for everything (new tools, new house, new animals, and so much more until the Leprechaun put a stop to it.  Sensing their greed, the Leprechaun told them they could have all their wishes, and more if they could find his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well what do you think happened?  The poor farmer and his wife chased rainbows forever and never a wish was granted.   Moral of the story……don’t let your greed overtake you.  In other words, quit chasing rainbows.  

Your pot of gold is not necessarily gold coins, jewelry, money or material things as portrayed and written about in so many tales. What does the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow really mean?  It is different for everyone.  For me it is the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime and to empower and serve others to become their best selves, whatever that may be. So, in reality my friends, my pot of gold is all of you!  

Part of my pot of gold is doing this blog and my podcast. It brings me joy and my intent and love of doing this weekly podcast is always to give you some thoughts to reflect on, some encouragement and ideas to help you move toward your Pot of Gold. I do know that you truly desire to have more joy, happiness, productivity and vibrancy in your life.  How do I know?  Because of your comments and emails and messages.  And, I so appreciate them.  

Some of you have already found your pot of gold and that excites me. If you have not found your pot of gold, what is it, why do you want it and what may be holding you back from going after your pot of gold?  

Have you resisted going after it because you were uncertain of the outcome? We all have.  How can I best support you in taking the plunge for that deep desire you have?  It’s time to start dipping the toes in the water. 

Please don’t rely on gimmicks, magic and greed.  That can be a recipe for disaster.  Instead rely on your hard work, strategic moves,  tenacity AND YOUR BELIEF THAT ANYTHING YOU DESIRE IS POSSIBLE.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that push you to new levels of performance is really helpful. 

Has your pot of gold appeared before you?  Have you found yourself walking away from an opportunity because you were afraid of the outcome? As the old adage says, when opportunity comes a knocking, open the door and let it in.  Don’t forget to answer the door.

Step into your future.  Start a new chapter in your life. 

Here is what I know…..We, HUMANS are regularly faced with making decisions with imperfect circumstances. Do you run from an opportunity that presents itself TELLING YOURSELF THAT THE TIME IS NOT RIGHT, AND YOU WILL DO IT WHEN……..  Good, you are right up there with the majority of the population. Listen my friends, we are wired to run from making decisions that put us in the line of uncertainty, especially when the stakes are high. How can we change this and make us more comfortable with making brave decisions in the face of uncertainty so we can reach our pot of gold? 

Stop searching for it everywhere.  Your pot of gold is within you waiting to come out. You already have it and may not have mined it completely.  

What’s holding you back?

Is it fear of the unknown?  Fear of failure?  Fear of ultimate Success? All those little squirrels and hamsters inside your brain are telling you NO.  Yet, there is that one little angel inside of you…..it could be your little lucky charm, the little leprechaun encouraging you to go for it. It is time my friends to live your life to the fullest.  

For me, y lucky charge, is my hummingbird.  When I am really grappling with something I must go outdoors and speak with the Paccha Mama, in other words, Mother Earth.  Deep down I know what the decision is and sometimes I am afraid and fearful.  Afraid I will fail, afraid people will make fun of me, afraid, afraid I am too old to start over again.  And then my hummingbird shows up, and that is my sign that it is GO TIME. What is your GO sign to GO and take action?

Let me share a really cool  story. 

I was speaking to a client last week and as we talked, we discovered his pot of gold. I am so thrilled for him. He is going for it.  He quit her job and is taking the leap of faith. Deep down I knew it was coming and allowed him to self-discover these past few coaching sessions. 

As his eyes sparkled through the zoom call and his energy exploded, together we knew he was making the right decision for him and his family.  No luck, no magic, just the belief and passion for his pot of gold. The commitment for a LARGE future.  My friends don’t wait.  It’s your time.  Don’t wait to go after your pot of gold. 

You don’t need anyone else’s approval. It’s your choice.  YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAT YOU EVEN KNOW.   

Here is a little exercise you can do this week.

I would love it this week if you wrote down the following:

  1. My pot of gold is…….
  2. The reason I want this is because…..
  3. When I experience my pot of gold, this is how I will feel.

After you have written down your responses, read it out loud to yourself twice a day, Once in the morning when you wake up and once at night before you rest that incredibly beautiful head on the pillow.

The I would like you to Jot down 1 things you can do each day to get you closer to your pot of gold.  It could be something as simple as take a walk, eat vegetables today, skip dessert, drink more water, call that big kahuna client. I am only asking for 1thing and do it every day.  Tiny changes my friends.  

More importantly, Don’t wait, don’t hesitate because the longer you wait, the less likely you are to activate.  

Again, the longer you wait the less you are likely to activate.  Let’s go.  Trust yourself and be more decisive.  You know it is there.  Let me help you discover it. 

Until next time, stay focused, stay positive and continue to find new ways of having fun AND 

NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BE, DO or HAVE, Love yourself first, carry the luck of the IRISH in your spirit and go after YOUR POT OF GOLD.  


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