Can You See Your Future?

Oct 11, 2023
Believing in yourself

I really believe we all need someone cheering us on to be better. I aspire to inspire at least one person to improve themselves or achieve a little more, and if I succeed in doing so, I experience immense joy as a Wisdom Warrior. 

I want to share with you an experience I had this past week, which caused me to think about our vision and the clarity in our lives. 

I had a little bit of eye surgery to improve my vision and the clouding in one of my eyes.  As I saw the world with such crispness and clarity, it reminded me of the song by Johnny Nash, "I Can See Clearly Now."

When you truly listen to the lyrics of the song it discusses how he can see clearly now – all the rain is gone.  Well, I changed the lyrics just a little.  I can see clearly now. All the clouds are gone. But let’s go deeper into the song and its meaning and how it can impact our own lives. 

Listen up for a minute. Now remember, I cannot and don’t sing, but here are some of the words...

"Coach Maria’s Version"

🎶 I can see clearly now; the clouds are gone.

I can see all the obstacles in my way. 

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It’s going to be a bright, bright sunny day 🎶

I was singing that song all day.  As I looked at the crevices of the surrounding alluvial mountains with such crispness and the blue sky’s vibrancy I kept singing and smiling.  Everything was so vivid.  I was thrilled that I didn’t have to wear my glasses.   

The song entails a powerful message of hope and courage, inspiring those who have faced adversity in their lives and emerged triumphant. It’s about looking forward to a brighter future. It is the epitome of a feel-good, positive-vibe song. 

I hope you have gained valuable insights from this blog. 

Now,  How can you see your future? 

By taking risks, believing in yourself, and using your talents to their full potential, you can create a brighter future.

Excited to see the better version of you! 

So, let's all come together and make our future brighter - one risk at a time!

Until next time, Stay Focused, Stay Positive, and Always Have Fun!

Your Coach,


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